Mesitek Oy – in English

Mesitek Ltd. is a family-owned manufacturing company in the furnishing industry. Approximately 95% of our turnover is generated from B2B projects. In most cases, Mesitek collaborates with interior architects and interior designers on a project to create optimal solutions for the end-client’s needs.
The Mesitek team consists of about 20 experienced personnel. Many of our team members have celebrated their 10 or 15 year Mesitek anniversary—a fact that we take great pride in, and we feel demonstrates the level of commitment each of our team members has toward their work.
Mesitek strives to use locally-produced raw materials, although some of our materials originate from other European countries. No matter the source, we maintain high standards when choosing our raw materials. Mesitek also maintains a high standard when it comes to quality control over our end products. We are committed to creating products that are durably constructed from durable materials. Some of the materials we work with regularly include, High Pressure Laminate (HPL), Compact laminate, Linoleum, Solid wood, MDF.
Our project portfolio is vast, but we most commonly outfit office, restaurant, hospital, and dentist interiors. We are also very active in the boating industry, manufacturing composite decks in a range of different decors.
Our machinery is vital to our work. We currently utilize both old and new machinery in our factory, but each piece of machinery has been sourced because of its efficiency and accuracy. Some of the machinery we currently utilize includes:

- PUR Hotmelt and roll pressing line
- PVCA glue line and bunch presser
- PVCA glue line and single presser

- Homag and Schelling balk saw stations

- 2 Homag (1 nesting) and 1 Biesse CNC workstations

- 2 Homag edge banding machines

Carpenter and assembly cell

Finishing cell